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Four Paws super pure cat nip catnip extract aerosol spray : refresh toys, beds & scratchers

Four Paws super pure cat nip catnip extract aerosol spray : refresh toys, beds & scratchers
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catnip is derived from the dried leaves of Catmint, a herbal plant which belongs to the Mint family. Catmint has a characteristic aromatic odour which has a strange inherited fascination for all the cat family, including big cats such as lions etc. Most cats, especially males, find Catnip irresistible.

This SUPER CATNIP spray can be applied to toys and cat bedding to attract and give pleasure to your pet. The product is non-addictive and harmless. It is best used as a treat every so often, so that the cat remains fascinated by it, and it does not become 'boring'.

Scratching is a natural an necessary behaviour for cats to exercise the body, trim the claws and mark their territory, but can lead to a habit of destructive scratching of furnishings. Encouraging your cat to use a scratching post or pad can often avoid this problem and applying this concentrated catnip spray will help to train your pet to use these items instead of your furniture.

This SUPER CATNIP is for a 5 oz aerosol can of SUPER CATNIP.
The aerosol feature allows you to easily and quickly mist small or large areas with catnip.
This is a pure extract from catnip plants. It is a filtered extract of pure catnip leaves, and can be used in the same way as you would use catnip leaves, powder, or other sprays.
Fours Paws SUPER CATNIP is picked at a time of year when cat nip is at it's finest quality. That is why this is considered amongst experts as a super catnip.

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